Maternity care


I will visit your house every day for 8 days after your baby is born, to take 
extra special care of both you and your newborn. 

This will involve; a daily health check-up for mother and baby, 
advice and assistence with bathing the baby, 
feeding the baby and any other general consulting on baby care.
Help with basic house keeping when time permits.

Also during that period, I will be available 24 hours a day for any kind of problems or worries. In case of any serious problems, I will contact your midwife directly to discuss the best solution to make sure you and your baby get the most appropriate care.

The home visit will be 3-6 hours per day for 8 days after the delivery. 
Depending on your special needs (e.g. family matters, condition of the delivery), it is possible to accommodate the schedule to your convenience.



I look forward to helping and supporting you and your baby 

to enjoy the first wonderful days together !



Details and Application


Please send your name, your adress and your due date of your delivery to